MAVEA Professional delivers solutions for out-of-home water filtration needs. Whether in coffee machines, combi & conventional ovens or dishwashers, MAVEA Professional’s PURITY filter portfolio optimizes water for applications involving food and beverages, and provide protection against limescale buildup, thereby increasing the lifespan of machines.

MAVEA Professional’s dealer network eliminates laborious servicing of high-quality machines, making filter installation and upkeep quick, easy and efficient.

MAVEA Professional products and service ensure the best water possible for achieving the finest meals, beverages and baked goods.


New in Canada, but not new to the world, Mavea has over 40 years of experience in water filtration, supplying some of the largest brands in the catering, coffee and vending sectors.

  • More than 70% of catering and beverage equipment failures are caused by lime scale buildup leading to down time and loss of valuable sales. As breakdowns, for whatever reason, are usually blamed on the equipment, not the reason for the failure lime scale build up… Can your business afford NOT to fit a PURITY system from MAVEA LLC?
  • No matter how good the quality of the machine or the ingredients that go into the perfect meal or beverage, one thing is out of your control, WATER. The new wate filtration system launched by MAVEA LLC has been developed with over 40 years experience of supplying filtration to the world’s leading food and beverage equipment manufacturers.
  • Whether your cooking equipment is a combination oven, pasta cooker, brat pan, tilting kettle or bakery oven, all the electronics and menu sophistication in the world cannot overcome the very specific problems created by heating poor quality water. Although safe, Canadian water contains impurities which can cause buildup of scale on heating elements, water boilers, valves, sensors, probes & oven chambers. In excess of 70% of catering equipment faults can be linked to water.
  • Protect your cooking and beverage equipment with a four stage filter with variable

 From coffee to the oven
Areas of application.


Coffee Machines

The demands are high: optimum aroma and taste, stable crema, even distribution of flavour enhancers, such as milk, etc. – an experience for all the senses. MAVEA water filters enable consistent, optimal water quality for successful presentation.

Vending Machines

Give your customers coffee specialities, tea, soup and cold drinks with that extra taste and save on the majority of service trips. With MAVEA water filter systems in your machines, you are always on the safe side and save both time and money.


Don’t cook, steam and bake with just any water – use MAVEA water and create dishes to treat the eyes and the palate. Wonderfully light and fluffy baked goods, tasty crusts and crunchy vegetables which just beg to be eaten. Your machines are operated so gently that they remain in good working order for a long time with no additional maintenance required.


Clear, cool water – there’s nothing better for quenching thirst while providing a balanced mineral intake. Today, almost every office, shopping centre and medical practice is equipped with a watercooler. It is therefore even more essential to ensure that the water provided is of good quality. For water of the highest quality with pleasant aromas, and long-term protection for your watercooler.

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