The Swissh 65PLC is the highest quality upright dishwasher found in the market. With its maximum output of 54 racks per hour, the Swissh 65PLC answers the most fundamental demands of every operator: great results, low operation cost and durability. Swissh is able to satisfy these demands and remain environmentally friendly. It uses only 3 liters (0.79 US gal) of water per wash: that’s less water and chemicals down the drain. Now that’s innovation; environmentally friendly and more money in your pocket !

Our unique design offers you

– 2 programmable cycles adjustable wash/rinse cycle from 30 to 360 seconds to the second
– 16 digital display to indicate temperatures and machine status
– Integrated diagnostic tester accessible without removal of front panel
– Precise injection of detergent and rinse agent
– Self calibration of detergent intake to reflect water hardness fluctuations
– Compatible with Bosch commercial gas water heaters
– One piece hood construction for good ergonomics
– Professional 1 ½ inch drain by gravity

Our truly commercial upright model has more power to offer you at the touch of your fingers. Great for your dishes and your pots and pans! Unleash the power of its 1.5 Hp pump and you’ll be amazed by the results!

The Swissh 65PLC includes

– Integrated detergent and rinse pumps
– Integrated booster submerged in the washing chamber for better energy efficiency
– All stainless steel construction
– 1.5 Hp motor pump
– 208-240 Volts, 1 or 3 phase. Your choice at no extra cost!
– Flexible stainless steel water supply hose
– Final rinse protection to guarantee 180F (82 C) sanitizing rinse

The Swissh 65PLC is perfect for institutions and restaurants with up to a 200 seating capacity. Straight-line configuration or corner operation? The Swissh 65PLC will adapt to your set-up. It has a maximum hourly output of 54 standard racks! Smaller needs? See our Swissh 25PLC.

We stand by our product!

– 2 years warranty on parts; one year warranty on labor
– 4 racks
– Start-up chemical kit (where applicable)

 You and the environment deserve the best!

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