Swissh Commercial Equipment

Swissh Commercial Equipment started its operations in Canada in 1992. Swissh introduced to North America commercial dishwashers that had been engineered and manufactured in Switzerland since the late 1960’s. Technology has evolved and so have the Swissh dishwashers. Through this evolution, the main concern has remained to satisfy the growing need for cleaner and better results, low cost and trouble free operation with the highest possible output. The mission at Swissh Commercial Equipment is to satisfy these needs and respect the environment. To that end, our dishwashers have low water, electrical and chemical requirements. One look at the Swissh 25PLC, or the upright model, Swissh 65PLC, is enough to convince you of the quality of these products. Swissh Commercial Equipment delivers technologically advanced dishwashers with a solid reputation. Read more about the Swissh 25PLC and the Swissh 65PLC as well as our other commercial products.