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Franke Coffee Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of coffee machines and is part of the Franke Group, which operates globally. There are virtually no limits to the practical applications for which the products and systems of Franke Coffee Systems can be used. They operate just as successfully in trendy cafés as in the modern, systems-based catering industry

 Swissh Commercial Equipment is a proud distributor of Franke Coffee Systems for the following products.

Evolution ASP

Evolution ASP

Designed to blend milk, steam, and air to produce perfect frothed milk, the Evolution 2-Step is the proven powerhouse for the mid to high volume coffee businesses. Now with Autosteam Pro™ this machine delivers consistent espresso quality of the super automatic machine while maintaining the personal cafe experience that customers enjoy. This is a coffee machine with character and the ideal solution for successful coffee programs in bakeries, cafés, natural markets, and specialty coffee shops alike. With its 2.9L boiler, the Evolution provides industry leading performance for even the most demanding requirements. A heated metal brewing chamber delivers excellent espresso every time.





The Franke FoamMaster is the new premium class among coffee machines. Is there a particular beverage you long for? The FoamMaster will easily make your wish come true – from classic coffees to Latte specialties. This all-rounder is as unbelievably versatile in its selection as it is easy to operate.

You can quickly and easily select your beverage program on the intuitive touchscreen menu and adjust it to your needs at any time. The modern design of the FoamMaster also leaves nothing to be desired. Shiny black, shaped with elegance, it is a true visual treat that gives the finishing touch to any interior.


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